Spring Into Action: Lily's Story


In communities around the country, FARE supporters are doing their part to make the world safer for people with food allergies. Nine-year-old Lily proves that you’re never too young to get involved and make an impact. Her mother, Jaymie, shares Lily’s story:

Checking and re-checking ingredient labels. Eating something different than everyone else at birthday parties. Being left out of classroom activities. Bringing her own food to restaurants. This is Lily’s normal. Many people do not realize how many things in everyday life center around food. Lily does.

When Lily became old enough and began to understand what FARE stood for she immediately wanted to become involved. FARE became a great asset to her. It is comforting to Lily, and those that love her, to know she is not alone. It means the world to her that there is an organization like FARE, and wonderful people behind it.  The research behind FARE gives Lily hope that she may not always have to live with the fear and isolation of food allergies. Because of this, Lily has wanted to jump on board and educate the community about the seriousness and isolation that comes with food allergies.

Lily has raised over $5,000 for FARE, and this has brought Lily happiness for two reasons. One, it helps the organization that supports her, and two, she is reminded that there are so many people that are willing to support her, and a cause she believes in. 

Education on inclusiveness and making sure that no one is left out or made to feel different just because there is something they cannot eat or touch is important to Lily. It is Lily’s hope that FARE continues to make a difference, and that one day schools, camps, and communities all educate the signs, symptoms, and treatment of anaphylaxis, in addition to how to prevent it.

You can spring into action for FARE just like Lily! By making a gift today, you will make your community safer and brighter for the 15 million Americans with food allergies, including all those with life-threatening anaphylaxis. Donate today.

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Great job Lily! You are doing amazing things. Food allergies are serious and life threatening for many! Thank you for bringing attention to this important cause.

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