Why We Walk

Why We Walk Post

Every person who walks in FARE’s Food Allergy Heroes Walk has a story and a reason for walking. Here are just a few of the reasons volunteers around the country take part in Food Allergy Heroes Walks:

“We walk to spread awareness of food allergies and to raise money for research. Food allergies have affected our family greatly since our daughter was diagnosed 9 years ago. We would like her to live a carefree life just like any other kid.  We know that this is not possible, but we can make it better by educating others and hopefully encouraging safer foods in schools and higher education institutions. My hope is that by the time she goes to college, she will be able to eat without worry. I believe in FARE as a partner to advocate and improve lives of those with food allergies.”– Klaudia Lewis

“I walk so that my son can see how much support that he has around him. I walk so that he knows that there are many others that have food allergies just like him and thrive! I walk so that he knows that we are trying our best to give him a less worrisome future.” – Jennifer Ott Makary

“We walk to show our 8-year-old that you can be an advocate for yourself – at any age. Your voice matters.  We walk because our voices are stronger together.” – Margaret and Joshua Hunt

What is your reason for walking? Who do you walk for?

The Food Allergy Heroes Walk is an opportunity for you to make a difference for the 15 million Americans with food allergies.  Be a hero. Sign up for a Food Allergy Heroes Walk today.

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