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FARE’s Allergy Alert & Ingredient Notices provide information about mislabeled or recalled food, and notifications of ingredient changes from responsible food companies. You can read the latest notices below. If you would like to receive these alerts by email, please sign up here. We also post all notices on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

FARE provides alerts as a service to the food allergy community. FARE is not affiliated with and does not endorse any products listed. 

If you are a food manufacturer who would like to put out an Allergy Alert or Ingredient Notice, please visit our Resources for Food Manufacturers page for more information.  

Allergy Alert Policy
FARE’s Allergy Alerts include food recalls that involve only the FDA-defined top 8 food allergens (milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish), as issued by the FDA, the USDA, or the manufacturer. We do not issue Alerts for non-food items, unless it is a medication that is deemed appropriate to alert our members of through the guidance of our Medical Advisory Board members. We do not issue Alerts for foods or other products, such as cosmetics, that are not regulated by the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act. If you believe that a product is mislabeled or contaminated, you can find more information on who to contact on our Food Labels page.  

Ingredient Notices
Just because a product was safe the last time you purchased it doesn’t mean the ingredients have stayed the same! It is very important to read all labels all of the time. The food manufacturers on our Ingredient Notices page have recently worked with FARE to provide you with information about changes in their product.


May Flower International Inc. is recalling packages of “3+2 Soda Crackers” because they may contain undeclared milk.
United States Bakery is recalling Naked Bread Hamburger Buns #NothingToHide because it may contain undeclared milk.
Whole Foods Market is voluntarily recalling Whole Foods Market brand oatmeal raisin cookies from stores in eight states because the products contained soy flour that was not listed on the product label.
Pinnacle Foods Inc. is voluntarily recalling a limited quantity of Wish Bone House Italian Salad Dressing due to undeclared milk and egg.
Nectar Foods Inc., DBA Honey Mama's is recalling their Oregon Peppermint bars because it may contain undeclared almonds. 
World Variety Produce, Inc. is recalling Spicy Edamame because it contains the undeclared shellfish allergen “Oyster Extract” ingredient within the spicy sauce packet.
J Bar B Foods is recalling beef brisket smoked sausage products due to undeclared pork.
Shearer’s Foods, LLC is recalling Meijer brand Dill Pickle Flavored Potato Chips because they may contain undeclared milk.
SDQ Trading Inc. is recalling its 16.5 oz packages of Cheese Biscuits because they may contain undeclared milk.
Sanders is recalling its 3.75oz Milk Chocolate Covered Fudge Mini Bites because they may contain undeclared almonds.
Dough-to-Go is recalling 20 cases of cookies because they may contain undeclared tree nuts (walnuts).
Divvies is voluntarily recalling its Benjamint Crunch Chocolate bars due to possible undeclared milk in the peppermint used in the bars. 
New Seasons Market LLC is recalling NSM 8-pack mini butter croissants and 8-pack mini chocolate croissants because they contain undeclared egg and soy lechithin.
Melanie Wholesale Inc. is recalling their "Melanie Mini Cookies with Caramel Flavor” because they contain undeclared peanuts.
Hempler Foods Group is recalling approximately 8,535 pounds of ready-to-eat pepperoni sticks due to misbranding and undeclared milk.
BLM is voluntarily recalling Priano Rosso Pesto Sauce distributed at Aldi stores as it may contain undeclared milk and egg.
Kent Quality Foods, Inc. is recalling beef, pork, and turkey ready-to-eat hot dog and sausage products due to misbranding and undeclared soy.
Blount Fine Foods is recalling approximately 720 pounds of Chicken Tortilla Soup products due to misbranding and undeclared wheat.
Sugarfina, Inc. is recalling its Sugar Cookies product because the label does not declare that this product contains egg.
Stonewall Kitchen is voluntarily recalling a limited amount of 10.25oz Basil Pesto Aioli which may contain undeclared egg.
Van's Foods is voluntarily recalling approximately 1,584 cases of Van's Gluten Free Waffles because a limited number of the wrong packaging were used during the production of Van's Belgian Waffles.
Ethnic Foods Inc. is recalling its 19-ounce package of Bhavnagri Mix snack mix because they may contain undeclared peanuts.
McCall Farms, Inc. is recalling Happy Harvest Spinach in 13.5 oz cans due to the potential presence of peanuts.
Labrada Nutrition is recalling specific lots of its "LeanPro8" Protein Powder because they may contain undeclared egg protein.
Eataly USA is recalling Eataly Artichoke Spread, because it may contain undeclared walnuts.
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