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It takes a village. Whether you’re a healthcare provider, teacher or restaurant worker, we have the information you need to help keep those with food allergies safe.

Teachers & Schools Administrators

One in 13 children has food allergies—that’s about 2 in every U.S. classroom. Create a safer environment and increase awareness with these resources.

Healthcare Providers

Help your patients with food allergies with educational materials and find information on food allergy clinical trials.

College and University Staff

Make your college or university safer for students with food allergies, with our information and resources.

As a school nurse who has been 'involved’ with epinephrine/anaphylaxis for many, many years, I cannot thank you enough for all that FARE does to help families and schools address the need for stock epinephrine."

-Cathy, school nurse

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Teal is the New Orange®

When you offer non-food treats, you promote inclusion for ALL trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Learn about the Teal Pumpkin Project!

Is Your Campus Food Allergy-Friendly?

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