Living Well Everyday

When someone develops a food allergy, everyone in the family must learn to adapt. FARE has information and resources that will help you to stay safe and live well—today and every day.

Tips for Keeping Safe at Home

By changing the way you shop, cook and clean, you can sit down to meals that are safe for family members with food allergies.

Common Questions

We’ve answered some of your most frequent questions about managing food allergies.

Taking Care of Yourself

Sometimes, it can seem like life is all about having a food allergy. Here are tips to help you take care of yourself and your relationships.

We were distraught and unsure how to make all of the changes needed to keep him safe. FARE has been our primary resource from the day of diagnosis and still is today, four years later.

-Amy, food allergy mom

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In the Know

It’s Not a Joke

Food allergy bullying is a growing problem. Be part of the solution: Prevent and fight bullying with our PSA and campaign materials.