Managing Life's Milestones

Discover strategies for managing food allergies in every place and stage of your life, from school and camp, to college and the workplace.

At Home

Your home is one of the easier places to manage a food allergy. Here, you control if, when and how different foods are introduced.

At School

Is your family new to food allergies? Learn how to keep your child safe during the school day.

Going to College

Heading off to college may be the first time you’re on your own—and fully responsible for managing your food allergy.

We were distraught and unsure how to make all of the changes needed to keep him safe. FARE has been our primary resource from the day of diagnosis and still is today, four years later.

-Amy, food allergy mom

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In the Know

Is Your Campus Food Allergy-Friendly?

Tout your food allergy accommodations and policies to prospective students and parents. Add your school today.

Be a PAL-entine

Help children learn how to be good friends to kids with food allergies during Valentine’s Day.