Dining Out

Enjoying restaurant meals with friends and family doesn’t have to be off limits just because you have a food allergy.

Before You Go

Researching restaurant options can give you the information you need to decide where to dine, and what and how to order.

At the Restaurant

These resources will guide you from the moment you arrive at the restaurant, to when you take that first bite of your meal.

An Insider's Guide to Dining Out

FARE has created tools for diners and for restaurant staff. Together, we can help ensure a safer dining experience for those who are managing food allergies.

The FARE website was my go-to place when my daughter was first diagnosed over a decade ago. Now that her needs have changed, as she has grown, I can see that FARE is in step with those of all ages and stages."

-Lynn, food allergy mom

Stay Informed

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In the Know

Dine Out Safely

Available in 11 languages! This wallet-sized Chef Card is a great way to communicate your food allergies to a chef or restaurant manager.

Food for Thought

Our thought-provoking video series takes a hard, honest look at food allergy issues. Watch now.