Food Allergy Patient Registry

Created for individuals and families managing food allergies, the FARE Patient Registry harnesses the power of patient information to speed the search for new treatments and inform life-changing improvements in patient care.

Breakthroughs Are Possible from Your Living Room

Participating in the FARE Patient Registry and making a difference is easy, convenient, and confidential.

Your Food Allergy Experiences Hold Important Clues for Researchers

Learn more about the food allergy questions Registry researchers seek to answer.

Ground-breaking Food Allergy Research Collaborations

The Registry connects top researchers at the 33 Centers in the FARE Clinical Network and beyond.

Every food allergy patient's experience is unique, so the more patients who join and contribute to this Registry, the richer the data will be for medical researchers, like myself, who are seeking to understand as much as we can about life with food allergies. This data will help speed the development of life-changing treatments and improve patient care.

Ruchi Gupta, MD, MPH, Food Allergy Parent