FARE Investigator Awards

Salary and research support allows outstanding researchers to direct, or redirect, their career toward the study of food allergy.

A crucial goal of FARE's strategic plan for research is to expand the participation and involvement of the scientific and medical community in food allergy research, with a particular emphasis on attracting new investigators to the field.

To achieve this goal, FARE launched the Investigator in Food Allergy Awards in 2014. The objective of this program is to expand the field by developing a diverse pool of highly trained scientists in appropriate scientific disciplines to support biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research in food allergy. The FARE Investigator in Food Allergy Awards provide salary and research support over a two- to five-year period, allowing outstanding new and mid-career investigators to direct, or redirect, their career toward the study of food allergy, including the development of theories, tools, methods or approaches to advance food allergy research.

About the Awards

The following awards are offered:

The New Investigators Award supports the development of an academic research career by providing salary support and laboratory expenses for research conducted by faculty members (PhD, MD, MD/PhD or DO) with an active academic appointment at the time of award initiation who are

  • for PhD, within eight (8) years of completion of PhD or five (5) years of joining faculty or
  • for MD or DO, within five (5) years of completion of Fellowship.

The New Investigators Award supports investigators involved in education and basic and/or clinical research on the mechanisms and treatment of food allergic diseases. Applicants must be either certified or on track toward certification by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, and must conduct their research at an allergy/immunology training program in the United States. Only U.S.-based researchers will be considered.

Mid Career Awards are available to investigators who have proven themselves capable of performing cutting-edge research in other areas, but now want to transition to work in food allergy.  They do not support individuals in primary training, or those without demonstrated competence (i.e., grants and publications) in other research areas.  Please note, this award is designed to attract new individuals to the field so is aimed primarily for researchers whose primary career research focus has not been food allergy, although applications from others will be considered and individuals are encouraged to discuss with FARE.  

The purpose of the award is to provide candidates with support for intensive research experiences over a period of up to five years to acquire new capabilities that are within the FARE research mission. It is expected that the proposed career enhancement plan will represent a novel extension of the research of the candidate to the pathogenesis or treatment of food allergy. Such experiences will afford candidate investigators protected time in order to facilitate the introduction of food allergy research into the candidate's existing research program. The funds must support at least 25 percent of the primary investigator's effort and may also be used to support other research staff salaries, and lab expenses in addition to other specified expenses. Only U.S.-based researchers will be considered.

Application Process

Proposals are periodically requested by FARE and peer-reviewed by a FARE-organized panel of distinguished scientists and biotechnology experts. Applying for grants is a two-step process. First, all applicants must submit an Initial Request for Research Support. Second, select applicants will be invited to submit full applications detailing their grant request.

The next Request for Proposals will be issued in the second half of 2019.

For more information about FARE Investigator in Food Allergy Awards, please contact Mary Jane Marchisotto, Senior Vice President of Research & International, at research@foodallergy.org or 212-207-1975.